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Attic Insulation

We use only the BEST insulation in your attic with the BEST results for your money! Knauf Insulation is made right here in Indiana! Knauf is a white blown-in, fiberglass insulation that's water-resistant, mold and mildew proof, rodent proof, fire retardant, and DOES NOT settle for 40 plus years! Commonly cellulose is used in attics but most customers aren't aware that cellulose settles 6-8 inches every 10 years, it's sprayed with a fire retardant chemical but once it starts deteriorating after 10 years it's NO LONGER FIRE RETARDANT! Cellulose is only ground up newspaper...how fast would dried up newspaper catch fire after 10 years? We give FREE ESTIMATES! (MOST POPULAR SERVICE)

Insulating of Your Crawl Space Walls and/or Floors

We use Dow Brand Froth-Pak 650 Insulation Spray Foam. We use this product to specifically insulate your crawl space walls and/or floors. This is a HUGE energy saver because your crawl space stays at an even 65 degrees all-year long (Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring) Why? Without having your crawl space walls and/or floors insulated you are heating and cooling that space ESPECIALLY if your air ducts and air returns are ran through your crawl space instead of your attic! In customers attics that contain their air ducts and air returns, we blown our Knauf fiberglass insulation over all of those pipes to keep the air going through those pipes ice cold in the summer or "piping" hot in the winter. This spray foam allows us to do the same for your pipes in the crawl...by insulating your floor and/or crawl walls it keeps the air running through those air ducts and air returns ice cold in the heat and piping hot in the cold! Call us today for your FREE, no obligation, written estimate! 317-203-5120!

Dryer Vent Cleaning/Replacement

15,000 house fires per year are caused by clogged dryer vent exhaust pipes. Whether they run up through your roof or down through your crawl, they are a HUGE fire risk! We stay up-to-date with all of the local fire departments for the recommended yearly or bi-yearly cleaning schedules. We thoroughly clean your dryer vent from top to bottom and leave your pipe without a stitch of lint inside!        

We also can replace your dryer vent exhaust pipe if it does not meet code. Aluminum or white plastic flex-hose running through your crawl space or your attic as your dryer vent exhaust pipe IS NOT code! We have seen this MANY times and how this was passed by an inspector OR hasn't caused a fire is beyond us...this has to be corrected! Our prices are very low compared to the "other" companies...and we enjoy this type of work knowing we are potentially saving a family's life!                         (MOST POPULAR SERVICE)